Now Carrying the CIty of Newburgh 150th Anniversary Silver Coin

Introducing the City of Newburgh 150th Commemorative Coin! This is the second issued collectible medallion produced by Mid Valley Medallions. The medallion celebrates Newburgh’s 150th anniversary of its city charter in 1865. Focusing on an aerial view of the city as a whole, the silver medallion captures the city’s streets of Broadway, Grand Street and Liberty Street as well as location the Hudson River.

The reverse side of the Newburgh 150th Commemorative Medallion showcases the western face of the four sided Tower of Victory at Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh, New York, visible from Liberty Street. Erected in 1887 for the centennial of the end of the American Revolution, the Tower of Victory stands on the site where Washington refused to serve as monarch at Washington Headquarters in Newburgh,New York.

Individually numbered, engraved on the coin itself
3D Engraved (streets and details can be felt to the touch)
Purity marking on the reverse side stating metal weight and purity (.999 fine silver 1 troy ounce)
Mirror Finish, clam Shell to protect the coin from damage, display box with mintage number on box. Truly a Newburgh project through and through...

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