GRAND OPENING!! Saturday, December 6, 2008: 2pm-6pm

The renovated store with its gleaming tin ceiling, schoolhouse light fixtures and ceiling fans, creates the feeling of an old-time shop found in the Newburgh of yesteryear. So it is fitting that The Palatine Shop, which grows out of Gabor's passion for collecting Newburgh souvenirs, is located within the Newburgh Art Supply space. Whether a native or a transplant, Gabor describes how Newburgh "becomes a part of you" after spending time here. He recognizes how souvenirs convey a "pride of place" and regularly hears from people searching for mementos, even those who have left many years ago. The Palatine Shop, whose name pays homage to the posh Grand Street hotel that was razed during Urban Renewal, will offer a selection of antique souvenirs along with new ones -- such as postcards and greeting cards by local artists. Among the antique souvenirs is a broad collection of plates with images of Washington's Headquarters, one of Newburgh's most visited attractions. How serendipitous that the shop's door aligns precisely with the Headquarters gate across the street!